Low profile

fishing rods in a fishing rod tube holder

I’ll be using the 6095 Bazuka Pro a lot this summer as my wife and I go on our beach trips. Like most of you, I can’t just sit in a beach chair all day and not do something, so I love surf fishing. When we were younger, we’d take my old diesel truck to the beach and I’d put my rods in the front seat or in the bed. She didn’t take kindly to sitting next to/on top a pile of fishing rods inside the cab and I didn’t like throwing ‘em in the bed of the truck. I wish I had this rod tube back then and I’m sure my wife does, too.

Now that we’re older, we’ve upgraded and we take our SUV to the beach which, for me, makes fishing rod transportation even more difficult. Before I took some of these photos, I actually had to pull a treble hook out of the back of one of our third-row seats. Oops.

The low profile of the Flambeau 6095 Bazuka Pro, however, allows me to slide it in and out of vehicles really easily without worry about latches or bulky handles catching on suitcases, coolers, tackle bags or the 4,000 other bags my wife packs. Not to mention, this is going to be a really nice thing for family trips with kids and pets in the car. You won’t need to worry about any body getting a stray hook in their hand or paw during the drive, which is a big relief.

As I mentioned earlier, this is a darn good investment for anglers who are frequently on the go. Whether you’re flying or driving, you’ll no longer have to worry about the safety of your fishing rods. My dad and I will be saltwater fishing in a few months and I’m thinking about getting one for his rods as well. I absolutely recommend this rod tube.

The Flambeau 6095 Bazuka Pro is available at TackleWarehouse.com.