Lots of options

neko rig for bass fishing

The VMC Neko Skirt comes in 8 color choices to specifically complement nearly any soft plastic you’re fishing with. The weights also come in four different sizes ranging from 1/32-ounce to 1/8-ounce, giving you a pretty good range to choose from. The Neko Skirts come two to a pack for $2.99 and definitely give you a new way to dress up a widely used technique.

It’ll take some time to decipher which situations call for the Neko Skirt and which ones you’re better off using a traditional Neko weight for, but I do believe the Neko Skirt is worth using to see if it ups your overall Neko Rig game. This technique is popular because it works. But as with any popular technique, it’ll become less and less effective as more people use it. VMC has done a fine job bringing something to market in the Neko Skirt that gives fans of the technique a little something to set their rig apart.

The VMC Neko Skirt is available at the following retailers: