Lots of line capacity


The original Lew’s Super Duty reel has been one of their most popular reels for bass fishing anglers who love power fishing applications like flipping, pitching, frogging, punching, deep cranking and more. The strong body, heavy duty drag and oversized handle were all perfect. But since you are often using big braided lines or thick fluorocarbon pound tests, you often need more line capacity.

The additional line capacity on the Super Duty 300 lets you spool up with 190 yards of 14 pound monofilament, roughly the same for 40-pound braid. But if you bump up to 65 pound braid or 20 pound fluoro, you are still going to get more than 100 yards of line capacity. Which is awesome when you want to heave a huge 2 ounce topwater or 2 ounce ultra-deep diving crankbait on line heavier than 10 pound test.