Lots of details

berkley stunna 112 face head

So the first thing I will see is the bait uses good hardware and did a great job on nailing the details. There is lots of shape details that contribute to the action of the bait. But there are also a lot of intricate details that make it look like a real minnow. Scale detail is very well done as well as the paint jobs on them. Nice big eyes that combined with all of the other details make for a very appealing looking jerkbait.

The lip is very solid and durable so you can rip the bait hard and hit it off of stuff and it keeps on trucking without worry of busting a lip off on every trip.

The hook hangers are solid as are the split rings so you can latch on to a big bass and pull hard without worry of the bait failing at any weak point.

One of the most impressive things to me about this jerkbait is how sticky the Fusion19 hooks on these jerkbaits are. Like borderline annoying how much they wanted to grab onto your hand while handling them. They are crazy sharp and that has translated into a bunch of bass hooking themselves for me. They will snatch it up on a pause, and when I go to set the hook, they pull tight and hook themselves.