Lots of Actions coming to Victory Line


The first 8 actions hit the shelves on March 19, 2021. But there are a bunch more coming in the near future. Right now there is a pretty good mix of rods for spring and early summer. You got a couple of workhorse rods that can do a lot in those 7-foot, 1-inch and 7-foot, 3-inch MH F rods. Then you have a nice 7-foot, 2-inch target cranker rod that will be dynamite for shallow crankbaits, chatterbaits and even spinnerbaits. 

Throw in the Full Contact Finesse rod for hitting isolated targets with a jig or plastic and round it out with the 7-foot, 4-inch H F Full Contact rod that can be a flipping stick, frogging rod, even a big topwater rod for your braid and buzzbait or Whopper Plopper in the spring.

The three models in the spinning lineup will cover your finesse applications like wacky rigs, drop shot in the 6-foot, 10-inch ML. Beef up a little to the 7-foot, 1-inch M F Finesse for your ned rigs and shaky heads. And round it out with a little beefier 7-foot, 3-inch M XF Max Tactical for maybe a little bigger Neko rigs, hair jigs, small cranks, or when you’re fishing for big smallmouths in current and need a little more umph in your fight.