Looking at a lake for the first time

satellite image of a bass fishing lake

I remember I was covering an Elite Series event on Kentucky Lake several years ago and I had a couple days to go fishing before I had to be wherever I had to be next. I got on Google and started scanning the satellite images of the surrounding area trying to find something worth fishing. I found a little lake that was a pretty good drive away and I set out for it. But what was it about this lake that made me pick it?

Lily pads…dollar lilies, to be exact. I could tell from the satellite imagery that the lake was small but that it was full of vegetation on the top end. We were also in the post-spawn period.To me, that meant frog fishing. I made my way to the lake and had an absolute ball catching some good ones and losing a really good one on a frog. I even made a video about breaking down new water while on that fishing trip and show some of the images I had found of the lake at the time.

Looking at lakes to which you’ve never been or perhaps go to regularly, can help you find all sorts of stuff. By simply looking at satellite images of the lake, river or pond, you can locate docks, bluffs, laydowns, creek channels, vegetation, standing timber, cypress trees, areas that frequently see muddier water and a whole lot more.