Look for the docks with rod holders

boat dock fishing rod holders

We’re all creatures of habit and we can’t act like we’re not. A bass fisherman has a general idea of where bass hide and of course, boat docks are one of the main targets. Around my area, however, I’ve noticed a lot of guys in robot mode over the years. They’ll pull into a pocket and start pitching the first dock and spend 30 minutes or an hour flipping every single dock in the pocket. Not only is this a low-percentage approach but I also think it’s an enormous waste of time.

When it gets hot and your shirt gets drenched with sweat, look for the boat docks with rod holders on the front. Don’t pitch underneath the docks, either. I guess you could in theory, but more times than not, if a dock has rod holders on it, there’s a brush pile in front of it. And as we all know, these silly summer bass absolutely love a mid-depth brush pile. The water is cooler down there, they can eat plenty of crawfish and baitfish and they feel totally safe. So if you don’t have all the fancy electronics on your boat, don’t worry. Look for rod holders and cast about a boat-length in front of the dock. The landowners will often sink old Christmas trees and other yard debris in front of their docks in order to catch bass, crappie, catfish and striped bass.

Before I get fussed at (unfortunately that’s the world we live in these days), don’t fish a brush pile in front of someone’s dock if people are outside enjoying the day. If the homeowners are swimming, playing, listening to music or laying out, just wave and move on to the next dock. There’s no need to get in some sort of argument while you’re trying to catch a little green fish. Just smile and ease on down the bank.