Look for dark days and waters

crappie fish on dark days

One thing I’ve found lately is overcast days are a blessing as are rain run-ins dirtying up a creek. It seems like darker water from overcast skies or added water color seem to keep crappie shallower and more active than clear water on ultra sunny flat calm days. A little break up and little less light penetration will usually equal a few more fish.

It also seems that fish won’t go as deep. While plenty of crappie are out on the main lake deeper than 20 feet. You can find pockets of fish much shallower in creeks and bays if you follow low light and darker waters.

I’ve been getting up early once or twice a week this summer to snag a few crappie with plenty of time to put in a full week’s work. I get enough for a meal for the family every time I’ve gone.

Throw your fish on ice instead of the livewell and clean them when they are nice and cold for superb summer time crappie. I tried this Egg Roll recipe this weekend, and we loved it.

While I still love Late Fall / Early Winter best for crappie fishing, Summer is coming in a close second now with these tips I’ve learned and been taught from guys like Tony Sheppard.