Long rods for the stubborn ones

Jason with a long rod crappie

Now that we’ve been able to study crappie behavior for a couple of years thanks to Livescope, we’ve all been educated on how stubborn crappie can be. For the thousands of crappies I’ve caught, I’ve not caught at least that many. Meaning I saw fish come and look at my jig and turn away on the screen way more than I’ve seen them bite. Nature of the game now.

But when the fish get very stubborn, like they can do in really cold weather, during fronts, during other seasons like spawn, a long rod that lets you stay off the fish, dip a jig down deep into the cover and coax them out with a long pause in their face. When they are really down in the cover and won’t come out to chase a jig, a long rod is indispensable. You can pendulum a jig out 20 feet and let it swing down and back to the fish. So it’s more versatile than just right under the boat.

Get good at holding your jig real still just above the fish or just above the cover and let them ease up and suck it in. At times it will catch you some of the biggest fish around. The 13-foot to 15-foot rods seem to be all the rage but honestly I like a 10 or 12-footer. Not to much to fight with and still can keep back off the fish a few feet.