Livewell treatment


Using a livewell treatment is another great way to help a fish recuperate, whether you’re trying to keep it alive until weigh in or you just want to try to help a fish that’s struggling before releasing it. T-H Marine G-Juice is what I typically use. It has instructions on the packaging that give you a guideline for how much to use based on how many gallons of water your livewell will hold.

I’m not sure of the exact science behind G-Juice and other similar additives, but I do know it works. One of the more interesting and definitive ways that I have seen this is that it will actually calm the fish down that are in my livewell. I have seen fish also go into the livewell struggling a bit and then be in much better shape by the time weigh in comes, but that could have as much to do with some of the other precautions I’m taking as it does with the G-Juice. But the way I know G-Juice definitely helps is that it calms them down.

Throughout the day, I’ll hear the fish start to cut up and splash around a lot in the livewell. Then when I go back to check on them the telltale blue tint to the water has diluted as some of my treated water has gone out of the overflow and new water has been pumped in. I’ll the add a little more G-Juice and the fish stop splashing around as much. This commotion is often a sign that the fish are struggling and its also a good indication that the oxygen may be low. So turning the aerators on constant or turning the oxygenator on if you have one is another good idea when you hear them splashing around.