Lipless crankbait

lipless crankbait for bass fishing

A lipless crankbait makes the short list for a lot of the same reasons a spinnerbait does. It’s a versatile bait that can be fished at a wide range of depths by varying the amount of time you let the bait fall and the speed of your retrieve. You can also select from a variety of colors to mimic anything from crawfish to shad.

The two treble hooks hanging from the belly of the bait make it super easy to hook up with fish, requiring little from the angler. You don’t have to worry about detecting a bite or setting the hook hard, which are often two things that are a little challenging for beginners. But the benefit of the easy hookup aspect of a lipless crankbait has a trade off; the treble hooks make the lipless crank more prone to hanging cover than a spinnerbait. So you’ll want to go with this bait more in open-water scenarios and stick with the spinnerbait around cover.

The exception here is submerged vegetation where there’s some sort of vegetation growing off the bottom that doesn’t make it all the way to the water’s surface. This is a great situation to throw a lipless crankbait.

You can let the bait get down near the vegetation and then snatch it free if it does hang up a bit. That sudden burst of action is often what triggers a strike.