Line selection

braided line on topwater bass fishing frog

The line I use for these two baits depends on the given situation. Both monofilament and braided line float, so technically both baits could be used on both types of line. But realistically, I’d never recommend throwing a popping frog on anything but braid, the standard being 40-pound test for me. Reason being, throwing a popping frog over into a patch of lily pads with 20-pound mono is simply setting yourself up for heartbreak. If you do get a bite, you’re not likely to get the fish out of the cover without breaking your line. But with braid, the line is capable of cutting through the vegetation and hauling the fish out of the cover.

With poppers, I’ll sometimes use braid and sometimes use monofilament. The deciding factor on this for me is typically how far I’m casting. If I’m fishing close to the boat, say targeting fish around a bluegill bed or a mayfly hatch, I’ll go with 20-pound monofilament because the line stretches and is more forgiving on bites close to the boat, where braided line might simply rip though a fish or even bend the hooks out. But if I’m wanting to make long casts with a popper, I’ll go with 30-pound braid because it’s easier to cast farther and hook up with a fish at a greater distance. But if I do this, I have to remember to back off the drag as a fish nears the boat to again not run the risk of tearing the hooks out or bending them.