Like a hot knife through butter


Excuse the colloquialism above, but the line cutter that’s on the Rapala Elite Pliers cuts any type of line regardless of the diameter of material. It’s easy to brag about pliers cutting monofilament or flouorocarbon but the real test, in my opinion, is braided line. I have cut anywhere from 15-pound braided line to 80-pound braided line with total ease using these pliers.

The line doesn’t crimp when cut and you don’t have to saw it or close the pliers several times to make the cut. The blades are razor sharp and cuts through line with no issues at all. I’ve used and tested a lot of line-cutting tools in the past and while many of them work excellently at first, many of them tend to become dull after a few weeks of use. So far, I have not had that problem whatsoever. The cutters on these players have exceeded my expectations.