Lightweight with outstanding balance


If I didn’t know any better, I’d think this rod was in the $150 to $180 range and that’s no exaggeration. Given the $99.95 price point I purposely dampened my expectations going into this test, but I’m telling you right now, this is a dang good fishing rod.  

The (very) large majority of rods at this price point are tip-heavy and clunky; they just feel “off” in your hands if that makes any sense. The Abu Garcia Veritas, however, is shockingly lightweight and it balances out perfectly when you put a reel on it. I was telling Jason the other day that he needed to go grab a few of these rods for himself. I don’t really do that very often.

This weightlessness and excellent balance allows you to fish all day long without any undue fatigue or pain. The custom reel seat fits nicely in your hand and also it makes for a great jerkbait rod. The trigger underneath the reel doesn’t rub your fingers raw, even when you fish a jerkbait all day long, which is actually kind of tough to find in a rod. 

All in all, the new Veritas is head-and-shoulders above the older versions when it comes to comfort and feel.