Let’s talk about value


The Bandit 100 is one of the most affordable shallow-water crankbaits you’ll find. In a day when many hard lures are being sold for $15 to $20, it’s refreshing to find a plug you can buy for less than $7.00. 

The components of this crankbait aren’t too bad, either, so try not to let the lower price point get in your head too much. The hooks are very sharp and hold up well, especially for two or three long fishing trips. They are a thin-wire treble, so if you’re going to be chucking this lure on 15-pound test or above, I might recommend changing to a heavier-wire hook. I normally use 12-pound test, so I haven’t had an issue with the stock hooks. 

The split rings are also pretty stout. I’ve caught a bunch of fish on this lure and except for an occasional big striper, I’ve never had a complaint about the split rings.