Let ‘em pull it under

largemouth bass jumping

Tip number one is relevant with buzzbaits, toads, reeling prop baits and really any topwater bass fishing lure for that matter. But especially those that you constantly reel. It’s really tempting when you see a fish boil on a bait or hear a massive blowup to just snatch right away. Often times, however, the fish don’t connect with the hooks of a topwater on the first swipe and you’ll actually end up snatching the bait away from a fish if you react to that sound or visual indication of a bite.

Instead, you want to wait until the bass pulls the bait under. Sometimes, the fish will boil on a topwater multiple times as you’re reeling it or working it along the surface. Just do your best to lay off the trigger until you see the bait go under. Sometimes you’ll even feel your rod start to load up with buzzbaits and baits like a Whopper Plopper. Then you want to lean into the fish with treble-hooked baits and you can really lay into them with the baits with bigger single or double hooks like a toad or hollow body frog.