Length, Power and Action Made Easy


Now that we understand the individual roles length, power and action play in selecting the right fishing rod for the fishing situation at hand, how do we consider them in totality? Action and length are good places to start, but St. Croix does a couple unique things that make rod selection even easier. 

St. Croix makes many different rod series – Bass X, Mojo Musky, Panfish, Trout, and Eyecon (‘eye as in walleye) to name a few – that have the target species right in the series name. All the individual rod models in these named series are optimized for presentations that target those fish. As mentioned previously, all St. Croix spinning and casting models are also marked with line- and lure-weight ratings, so anglers can easily choose the rods that will perform best with the lines and lures they plan to use most often.

It’s also worth mentioning that some of St. Croix’s most popular lengths, powers and actions are available in different St. Croix series to provide anglers additional choices with respect to performance and value.

Finally, many individual rod models in several St. Croix series such as EyeconMojo BassMojo Bass GlassMojo MuskyVictory, and Legend Tournament are also printed with a name that corresponds with the specific presentation they were designed for. This helps take the guesswork out of rod selection altogether. It’s important to note, however, that any rod St. Croix names for a specific presentation will excel in other techniques and applications, too. The 74HF casting model in the Legend Tournament Bass series, for example, is named Slop n Frog because it performs exceptionally for fishing frog lures on top of heavy vegetation, but the same rod is a fantastic choice for fishing heavy football jigs on the bottom.

Do you remember the example rod we mentioned earlier to explain the St. Croix coding system? We used S70MF (spinning, 7’0″ length, medium power, fast action) for a reason. It’s one of our most popular rod configurations because it’s so versatile and handles many different presentations well. It’s available in several of our most-popular series at a variety of different price points including TriumphPremierMojo YakAvidAvid PearlAvid XAvid TrekLegend EliteLegend XLegend XtremeTriumph InshoreMojo InshoreAvid InshoreLegend Tournament Inshore, and Legend Xtreme Inshore, and is a great starting point for many angling situations.

With so many individual anglers pursuing a multitude of different fish species with a wide variety of lures in diverse locations and settings, it’s easy to understand why St. Croix crafts so many different rod models. It isn’t to confuse anyone; these are the choices our anglers and their fishing situations demand. Your St. Croix Dealer or the St. Croix Guide Center can always help answer any remaining questions you may have about rod selection. Learn more at stcroixrods.com.