Leg design produces unique noise


 The flanges on the end of the Tip Toad’s legs move a lot of water and leave an enticing bubble trail on the surface, but the noise they produce actually caught me by surprise. They don’t “plop” and “gurgle” as much as I thought they would; instead, they make more of a “trickling” sound if that makes sense. But I think that’s why I’ve been catching so many bass on it lately. 

We get very little wind in my area on these hot, summer days. The lakes and ponds are often glass-calm which can put bass on high alert. That unique “trickle” sound I mentioned has been quite advantageous in these tough conditions. It doesn’t overwhelm the bass but it definitely draws them to the bait. I’ve been paralleling banks in two to three feet of water and have seen bass swim from eight to ten feet away just to attack this bait. The aggression with which they eat this bait has been impressive to say the least. 

If you take this YUM Tip Toad to a body of water that has been tough lately, I’d be willing to bet you’ll catch bass after my experiences.