Knot strength is not a concern


Normally, there’d be no way I’d rig a frog on 40-pound braid. I was a little nervous trying it but after trying the 20-pound Sufix 131 G-Core a few months prior, I had confidence that it was tough enough to handle the job.

On every hookset throughout my testing, I have purposely been trying to either compromise the knot or break the line. Sure, it’s great that this line casts line a scalded dog but what does it matter if it can’t hold up to abuse and big hooksets?

I can confidently say that I have not had a single knot or line failure throughout my testing. I’ve had this line for several months and fished it around rocks, raggedy boat docks and of course, grass. It has held its own wonderfully and I have the utmost confidence in it.

If you’ve fished with braid enough, you’ve probably seen how knots can slip when the line is under a lot of pressure. I’ve had frogs and jigs completely come off my line before because the knot just unraveled while fighting a fish. I’ve really enjoyed the lack of slippage with the Sufix 131 G-Core, though. You can cut your tag ends very short without the worry of compromising your knot.