Keitech Easy Shiner


Mike Czaplinski of Branchville, New Jersey, who is the proprietor of KeitechUSA, introduced us to the Easy Shiner. It is one of the creations of the late and great Kei Hayashi of Yamanashi, Japan.

It is manufactured in seven sizes. An eight-incher is the largest, and the 2-incher is the smallest. The first Easy Shiner was 4 inches long, and it was created in 2009. The 2-incher was created in 2015,and in 2019, the 3 1/2- and 8-inch versions were added to Keitech’s repertoire.

For years on end, Midwest finesse anglers have exhibited a hankering for 2- to 3 1/2-inch soft-plastic baits. Therefore, Czaplinski sent us a 2-inch Easy Shiner to examine and publish a gear guide about it. In the eyes of most power anglers, the 2-inch Easy Shiner is a crappie bait, and for decades these anglers have light-heartily castigated Midwest finesse anglers for crappie fishing for largemouth bass, smallmouth bass and spotted bass. Despite those chastisements from our power-fishing brethren, we have inveigled untold numbers of black bass on our tiny Midwest finesse rigs.

Here is what we discovered about the 2-inch Easy Shiner.

It is a quintessential-looking swimbait, and according to our measurements, it is 2 3/16 inches long when its tail is fully extended.

The shape of its body abstractly mimics the characteristics of a variety of small fish, such as that of a chub, dace and shiner.

From the tip of its snout to the tip of its tail, its epidermis is entirely smooth.

Its dorsal is slightly convex and it is endowed with a hook slot that is 1 1/4 inches long. This slot begins at a 1/4-inch from the tip of its snout and it ends at an inch from the tip of its snout.

The dorsal area is 3/16-inch wide at its widest spot. Its sides are 5/16-inch high at their highest spot. The circumference at these spots is about 15/16-inch.

The ventral area is also slightly convex and it has a hook slot that is 1 3/8 inches long. This hook slot is slightly deeper and wider than the dorsal’s hook slot.

The posterior section of the Easy Shiner’s ventral area possesses an area that an anatomist would call the caudal peduncle. It stretches from the anus to its junction with the tail. The Easy Shiner’s caudal peduncle is about 3/4-inch long. The dimensions of the Easy Shiner’s torso diminishes significantly in the caudal peduncle region. For example, at 7/16-inch from the junction with the tail, the height of each side of the torso contracts to 1/8-inch, the width becomes 1/16-inch and the circumference is about 5/16-inch. But the height of the sides of the caudal peduncle area increases as it approaches its junction to the Easy Shiner’s paddle tail and its height becomes 1/4-inch at that junction.

The paddle tail has a height of 3/8-inch. It is 5/16-inch wide at its widest spot. The tail is thin with a thickness of less than 1/16-inch.

The Easy Shiner is available in the following hues: Bluegill Flash, Electric Bluegill, Electric Shad, Green Pumpkin Chartreuse, Morning Dawn, Pro Blue Pead Pearl, Sexy Shad. Shad, Sight Flash, and Smallmouth Magic. They are manufactured with what Keitech calls a custom two-tone color process.

It is enhanced with a strong squid scent.

They are manufactured with what KeitechUSA says is a “specific plastics densities for better balance and action,” which creates a “natural swimming action.”

It is not buoyant.

Czaplinski told us that the traditional black-bass fishermen have discovered “the swimming attributes of the smaller sizes” of the Easy Shiner. Thus, KeitechUSA is selling a surprising number of them.