Keep that trolling motor in the water

motorguide trolling motor in water

I understand that cranking the big motor and moving areas is certainly important throughout the course of some bass fishing tournaments. But I think folks run around too much while they’re trying to find fish. Again, some of the best tournament anglers I’ve shared a boat with have taught me this lesson. They tend to settle down in an area and just fish.

I know that might sound terribly generic but as we mentioned earlier, confidence is key and I think the more you doubt your decisions, the worse you’re going to fish. If you think you’re in an area of the lake with fish and a discernible pattern, I’d encourage you to stick it out for at least an hour or two and see what you can figure out.

A buddy of mine told me one time, “Every second your trolling motor isn’t in the water is a second you’re not making a cast or catching a fish.”

It sure made a lot of sense to me. When I first started fishing tournaments, my buddies would poke at me after weigh-in and comment about how much they’d see me running around at 70 mph throughout the day. I’d pull up to a stretch of bank, fish for a few casts and immediately start to doubt myself. That led to me pulling up the trolling motor and running all over God’s creation trying to find something that felt comfortable. After a few hours of doing that throughout a tournament, it’s easy to get super spun-out and totally abandon your gameplan.