Keep Swapping Hues


I think we give fish too much credit for sure. But with LiveScope I’ve been able to watch crappie come to a jig and leave it. I’ve watched dozens swim up to a jig and leave it. It’s frustrating. It’s also very educational. I would have never learned what I did if I hadn’t taken the time to experiment with colors. 

Because I know what colors work for me a lot of the time, I can easily make a small box of subtly different colored plastics in the same general color pattern and keep getting bites as I find varying water clarity, more pressured fish, and just inconsistent behavior with the fish without having to explore 50 different colors. 

Don’t get me wrong I will abandon colors and go completely opposite end of the spectrum until I dial in on one that seems to get more bites, but I’ve seen this subtle change keep them going for a lot longer when you figure out a good color pattern.