John Cox


He is all over professional fishing right now and rightly so—he’s one of the best fisherman on the planet. Something about him is just so cool and laid back and no matter the situation, he just seems to smile and enjoy the moment. From what I’ve seen at the Classic over the years, that’s a heck of a trait to have during this event. There are a bunch of media obligations, people sticking cameras in your face and lots of folks asking silly questions while you’re trying to get ready for the biggest tournament of your life. Without knowing him, it seems like Cox just wouldn’t give a crap. He’s there to catch fish. The rest doesn’t seem to matter to him.

And as we mentioned earlier, the warm front that seems to be coming could play right into his wheelhouse. He’s undisputedly one of the best shallow-water anglers in the world and if those bass get their noses pointed towards the bank… he could come in with a jaw-dropping bag of largemouth.