Jig trailer

z-man elaztech jig trailer
Using ElazTech baits like their BatwingZ, Turbo CrawZ and Hella CrawZ to trailer a jig is another great way to take advantage of this material’s durability and buoyancy. If you’ve ever seen a live crawfish in a fishery or perhaps an aquarium, it will assume a defensive posture when threatened and lift its claws up in the direction of the threat. As you drag a football jig along or pitch a flipping jig around cover, the claws of these soft plastics will naturally float up and precisely mimic this defensive posture.
In addition, the durability of the ElaZtech material makes it great for trailing jigs as well. Bass have a tendency to grab crawfish by the claws to prevent the crawfish from pinching them. And unfortunately they do the same thing with your jig and inevitably snatch pincers and claws off of a lot of soft plastic trailers. That’s the last thing you’ll be worrying about when using ElaZtech soft plastics as it would take a barracuda to cut through this stuff clean on a single bite, and even that might not be possible.