Jewel Baits Versa Craw


Jewel Bait Company and Jonny Schultz of Fish the Moment partnered together to create the most versatile jig trailer on the market and the VersaCraw is that bait. The VersaCraw comes out of the package ready to be used for any application. It has six small tabs that hold the appendages in place to allow anglers the freedom to adjust the bait for the conditions they are fishing. By removing these tabs, the angler can get multiple different actions out of the bait that are perfect for whatever conditions they may be fishing in. The VersaCraw is currently available in two sizes: Pee Wee (2.5″) and Junior (3.0″) with a larger third size Senior (4.0″) coming out in 2022.

Pee Wee VersaCraw (2.5″) 8 pack – $5.39

Junior VersaCraw (3.0″) 8 pack – $6.99