Jenko Hemp Alternative to Plastic Hardbaits


For 100 years, the fishing industry has relied on petroleum based plastics for lure making. It’s cheap, durable, and up until now the only option that was out there. The folks at Jenko may have found an alternative here with their new Hemp Series Groovy Glide and Wake n’ Bait.

They are made of a hemp based bioplastic that is a US agriculture product, is sustainable, durable, functions well, and if lost will decompose to just the hook hangers within 6 to 9 months. This new material functions very similarly to normal ABS plastic in the manufacturing process, and with proper care will have a usable lifespan as long as a normal ABS bait would. This technology has been around in the plastics world for a while now, but as far as we know, Jenko is the first to take it into the hard bait space. 

We’re expecting other companies to follow suit quickly with this, as the market demands more sustainable, greener products as well as the proposed bans on fishing lure materials by radical political groups.