Jason Sealock


Biggest takeaway: Finding fish is still the most important part to me about fishing. I’ve had limited windows to fish this year so I’ve really been focusing on finding fish faster. That comes with a little pre-planning before I leave the house looking at weather and forecasts, studying maps online and then trying a few key areas that fit seasonality, and gauging water clarity, temperature, presence of bait, and general activity levels to see what happens in that area. I’ve had a few trips this year that turned out great because I paid attention to what the bait was doing in the area and then adapting my approach to where the bait was working. It used to bum me out that I could only get on the water for a few hours. Now I approach it as a how fast can I figure it out challenge. I think it’s helped my fishing a lot this year.

Coolest product: I’m probably the most excited about the new Power-Pole Charge System. It will charge all your different batteries, allows you to jump between batteries for starting, recharge on the run and charge off of other batteries plus a whole lot more. I think this is a neat new concept for anglers’ boats.

Technology lesson:  Early on I thought technology was for finding good looking spots to fish the way you already intended to fish. Now with more realtime technology like Garmin Panoptix LiveScope and forward looking technology like Humminbird 360 Mega, I am learning that we can actually learn more about fish behavior than ever before and their orientation in the water column, mood, bait movement and more to then adapt how we fish and approach them. Instead of making them react to our presentations, we are going to be reacting to their moods on the screen and adapting even down to the retrieve how we work the lures to make them bite. I think new techniques will be born this coming year out of what technology is teaching us about fish.