It’s still all about baitfish

map of lake guntersville explaining how to find fall bass in deep water

One common theme between offshore and shallow water fishing in the fall is the presence of baitfish being absolutely key. The existence or lack of shad and other baitfish in an area is a telltale sign for Lester. Bass become more pelagic this time of year, roaming areas to follow shad whether they are on a hump in 12 feet or in inches of water on a shallow flat.

“If I’m not seeing lots of baitfish on my electronics then I lose a lot of confidence,” Lester said. “Even if I SideScan a spot and don’t see individual bass, but I see lots of shad near the structure, I’ll mark that area and come back later. Feeding windows can be short right now, usually best in the early mornings and evenings, sometimes you’ve gotta check a place two or three times throughout a day before they fire.”

More than using his electronics, Lester uses his eyes to scan the water for surface activity while he idles, too. He says that bass will “tell on themselves” this time of year when he’s wearing his Costa sunglasses and show him their location via topwater schooling activity.