It’s going to be a major producer in the spring


I haven’t done it yet, but I really look forward to throwing this bait on a bed. The design of the Ned head is meant to help a bait stand vertically which is a great feature to exploit for bed fishing. But that’s not the main reason I’m looking forward to throwing this bait on a bed.

A few years ago, dad and I had one of those bedders that just would not pay anything we threw in the bed any attention. Finally out of desperation, dad put a Strike King Baby Rage Craw on a shaky head and tossed it in the bed. It instantly got the fish’s attention and within a few pitches the fish ate the bait and was in the boat. We found that day and since that something about a little crawfish imitation pecking around in a bed really sets a bass off. But every now and then one will still pick the bait up by its claws and blow it out of the bed.

Coming in a half-inch shorter and even more compact than the Baby Rage Craw, the Rage Ned Bug offers nearly nothing for a bedding bass to bite without getting the hook. That’s why I’m looking forward to tossing it into a bed this coming spring.