It’s friendly to your fishing line


Line damage is one of the most common complaints you’ll hear associated with tungsten weights. If the manufacturer doesn’t take extra care smoothing all of the weight’s edges, you’ll be left with a significant amount of line fray which will result in lost fish when you set the hook. If you’re using jagged tungsten, you might as well take a pocket knife to your line. 

I’ve tested the WOO! Tungsten Flipping weights on fluorocarbon, braided line and monofilament with outstanding results. This is one of the smoother tungstens I’ve used and there has been absolutely zero line damage to speak of. I have threaded it onto all three types of line and vigorously slid it back and forth for minutes at a time and have not witnessed any fraying. 

The same holds true for typical bass fishing applications, too. I’ve caught a lot of fish on these weights thus far and haven’t lost a single one due to line failure. That peace of mind is important to me.