It’s balanced very well


While I do own lighter rods than the Ark Viper, the balance they’ve incorporated into this design seems to make up for any lack of weightlessness. I’ve tested a lot of rods in this $99 price point and balance problems seems to be the most recurring issue I run into. A lot of them have been fairly tip-heavy, which can hurt your casting accuracy and cause undue fatigue after a long day on the water. 

This rod, however, is one of the most well-balanced rods I’ve tested in the past year, regardless of price point. It’s not tip-heavy and it’s not butt-heavy, which makes it feel awesome in your hands. Whether you’re dragging a football jig or flipping and pitching to shallow cover, it feels fairly effortless. It’s not an awkward rod like some I’ve experienced; I can fish the entire day without any hand cramps or forearm fatigue, which can be tough to find at this price point.