It’s an excellent all-seasons option


“All-seasons” is definitely a relative term depending upon your location, but as long as your lake isn’t covered in ice, you can catch fish on a Bandit 100 just about all year long. That’s no exaggeration. 

In the winter, you’ll have a lot of success targeting riprap and pea gravel banks on south-facing banks as they warm up quickest from the sun. In the fall, a shad-colored Bandit 100 fished on secondary points and in the back flats of pockets will produce several dozen fish in a single day at times. In the early spring, any irregularity or shallow point can be prime for a Bandit 100 and throughout the summer, banging it around laydowns adjacent to deep water can produce plenty of bites during a notoriously tough time of year. 

Bandit seems to have created a crankbait that rides the middle line quite nicely. By that, I mean that it’s not too wide so it spooks wary coldwater fish, but it’s also not so thin that it fails to displace enough water in warm or muddy water. 

I recommend these crankbaits to a lot of my guide clients who are new to crankbait fishing. It’s just hard to go wrong with ’em.