It’s a lot tougher than I expected


Normally, I tend to baby balsa plugs a lot more than the others in my collection. I have all kinds of broken balsa crankbaits in my shop. I’ve seen three types of damage more commonly than anything else: The bill breaks off, the back hook hanger pulls out or the body cracks which then soaks the wood and makes it sink.

But thanks to that HCM manufacturing process we discussed earlier, the full wire-through design adds rigidity and durability to the lure. I have absolutely no reservations about banging this thing into dock posts, seawall irregularities, riprap, blowdowns or stumps. I have tried my best to beat the tar out of this plug this summer while testing it and have failed thus far.

The bill is very sturdy and I love that it doesn’t have a seam through the middle of it. A lot of plastic-billed crankbaits have that these days and in my opinion, it’s just a weak point. The bill on the Pro Sunny B has practically no give to it and no seems to speak of. Bagley definitely didn’t skimp on the glue because you can see some excess on every bill I’ve inspected. Don’t worry, though; it doesn’t affect the action. I’d rather see a little extra glue and be assured of a solid bill-to-body connection than knock it against a dock post and break off the bill.