It has saved my back in a big way


About 18 months ago I was diagnosed with three slipped discs in my back at just 30 years old. There were some mornings my wife would have to help me get out of bed and literally walk me to the bathroom. This was also causing my feet and legs to constantly tingle because something back there was pressing on my nerves. I was in physical therapy twice a week, flipping up and down on an inversion table and all sorts of fun stuff.

You know what the doctor said caused it? Lifting heavy trolling motors so much. I’m not kidding. I fish fast and I move a bunch throughout a day of fishing, so I’m always lifting and lowering my trolling motors.

I can’t tell you how easy it is to lift and lower the new MotorGuide Tour and my back is thankful for it. My pain is very much under control these days and I’m hoping this new trolling motor helps it stay away.

They designed this motor with a Zero-G nitrogen gas spring lift assist system and it is the easiest-to-stow trolling motor I’ve personally used. My tiny wife even lifts it with no problems whatsoever. You don’t have to step on the bracket to make it release, either. It has a Bulldog Locking Latch system that releases very easily on command.