It has helped me extend the topwater bite


The webbed feet of the Tackle HD Croaker give this toad a very unique action that has seemed to have helped me extend the topwater bite. Early in the mornings and late in the evenings, it’s no secret that warm-weater bass like to move to the shallows and ambush unsuspecting prey near the top of the water column. That’s how most folks catch their biggest fish of the year in hot weather. The problem is, however, is that lots of popular topwater options are a bit too obtuse and loud to the fish in high-sun conditions. They don’t always want a loud buzzbait or topwater popper chugging over their heads.

This particular toad, however, offers a really nice balance in regards to water displacement and noise. It’s louder than the very popular Zoom Horny Toad but it’s also quieter than many traditional paddle-legged toads. Throughout my testing, I may have started with a more aggressive-style toad in super lowlight conditions but under higher skies, the Tackle HD Croaker seems to get a few more bites than other options. So right when the topwater bite starts to go downhill, I’ll pick up this bait and grind out a few more bites that I might not have otherwise had.