It doesn’t dig


One of the most common complaints I hear in regards to braided line is that a lot of ’em like to dig into the spool. Essentially, when you set the hook or apply a lot of pressure on the line, some braids tend to dig into themselves which make for a horribly obnoxious experience, if I’m being honest. You’ll go to cast and after about 10 yards come off the spool, the rod almost gets jerked out of your hands as one of those cinches comes to the surface of the spool. 

Thankfully, Sufix ProMix doesn’t dig into itself whatsoever. It’s not as thin as some other braids I’ve tested, so I was a bit concerned about digging before I started testing it. As it turns out, it’s a dream when it comes to casting. I’ve been using the 30-pound ProMix a lot lately for topwater lures and it has behaved quite nicely on the spool. Line management is the last thing you’ll have to worry about with this line.