It allows for easy skip casts


Because the RaZor ShadZ doesn’t have a bunch of crazy appendages hanging from it, it’s a very streamlined profile that facilitates easy skip casts in tight quarters. I can skip a traditional jig really well, but for the longest time I was having some serious issues skipping my bladed swim jigs. I actually quit trying after a while because I was so tired of picking out backlashes. 

The day I bought a pack of RaZor ShadZ, however, I figured I’d give it another shot. All of the sudden, I was able to skip my Chatterbaits 15 to 20 feet underneath both docks without even thinking about it. I wasn’t constantly messing with my reel settings and it didn’t take a bunch of concentration or skill. Sure enough, I got on an awesome pattern a few days later and the only way I could get bites was by skipping this combo underneath the walkways of boat docks. If I were still using a bulky trailer, I’m positive that I would have never had the confidence or ability to find this pattern. 

Fast-forward 13 months and this has become one of my favorite ways to quickly search for an effective dock pattern. I’m willing to bet that I have a Chatterbait and RaZor ShadZ combo on my front deck at least 75 percent of the year.