Is the Neko Skirt necessary?

neko rig in bass mouth

I’m not sure if the skirt really does all that much to improve the presentation in many situations, but I do like it and I think it could be beneficial in a couple of particular scenarios. A Neko rig is already super effective, so it’s hard to say for sure if the Neko Skirt draws more strikes than a regular Neko rig would. I tested this bait out down in Florida and I will say that I did have a little more confidence in that tannic water with the skirting than I would have with a standard Neko rig.

I liked the Neko Skirt around vegetation and the mucky bottom and believe it did help the fish find the bait a bit better in the dark-colored water. It could just be a confidence thing, I’ll admit that, but it boosted my confidence nonetheless. I don’t know if I’d want to use the Neko Skirt every time I use a Neko rig but I like having the option to mix it in. I especially like the added glitter and flare in lower visibility situations and around vegetation.