Installation is simple and basically takes two wrenches and possibly a buddy to hold the step and with my boat, I easily did it in 10 minutes by myself.

The Trick Step has tight tolerances and is built like a tank to easily support up to 450 pounds and the welds are neat and precise. The Trick Step mounts onto the front guide post on the trailer and it comes with everything you need including washers, boats and nylon-coated nuts to make it tight and secure.

After determining where it would go, placing the four bolts into the step side allows for the plate on the back side to be positioned and locked down with two provided standard 11/16-inch nuts to hold it into place. Snugging them allows one person to position the nylocks and washers on the other two bolts. After they are placed removal of those nuts and replacement of the nylocks is simple. 

Here is a simple how-to video on the Trick Step website, too