Initial thoughts and UDSP

lunkerhunt typhon bass fishing bait

At first glance, this bait looks more like a squid than anything else I’ve ever seen in fresh water. As I pulled one out of the pack, however, I noticed a different feel to the plastic, which did intrigue me a bit. When I went to rig this bait up on a Texas rig to test it out, I notice the material they used to make the Typhon was quite different from most soft plastics.

Doing a little research, I found that Lunkerhunt calls the material they use UDSP or Ultra Durable Soft Plastic. The closest thing I’d say it resembles in the soft-plastic bait world is Z-Man’s ElaZtech material but the UDSP isn’t quite as stretchy and seems to have a different consistency to it. Still, it is super durable like ElaZtech and far more durable than most soft plastics.