Initial thoughts

bass fishing rod blank

These three fish catches quickly showed me quite a bit as to what the Halo HFX is capable of. My initial thoughts on the 7-foot, 11-inch extra heavy is that it’s a lightweight and powerful rod. It doesn’t wear you out flipping with it for extended periods of time, so it’s balanced pretty well. It is probably a little stiff for my personal tastes when it comes to punching, but that being said, every angler is different. If you like a stiffer rod for punching, this one will be right up your alley. It has enough tip to make accurate pitches and a plenty of strength to haul big ones to the boat.

I also tested out another model in the HFX lineup, the 7-foot, medium-action cranking rod. This rod has a soft tip with a good bit of backbone starting about a third of the way back down from the tip. I’d recommend this rod more for medium-diving crankbaits. Maybe some will like it for a squarebill and lipless crank as well, though I’d prefer something like their 7-foot, medium-heavy for those two personally, but I like a little bit stiffer rod than some for squarebills and lipless cranks. If you like a soft-tip rod for any cranking short of a big, deep-diving plug, the Halo HFX 7-foot, medium-action cranking rod is worth a look.