Incredibly light and strong blank


The Jenko Savant Swimbait Rod starts with a 7-foot, 9-inch highly responsive and sensitive 36T rod blank. It’s a matte gray finish laced with black and silver accents. But more importantly the rod is meant to load and unload easily with baits up to 3 ounces. I have tested it with baits well over 3 ounces even though it’s rated for 2 ounces. 

But it’s sweet spot will be on 2-3 ounce smaller crank downs like the Toxic Whipper Snapper, Bull Shad 4×4, Bull Shad 5 to 7-inch originals, bluegill swimbaits like the Gantrel, small glides like the S-Waver, Deps 175, Shizzard, Pizz Shadley II, etc.