Incredibly impressive balance


For whatever reason, I’ve been testing a lot of tip- and butt-heavy spinning rods this year. Maybe I just got on a string of bad luck or something but they just haven’t felt “right” in my hands if that makes sense. After a full day on the water, I’ll get those hand and forearm pains that tend to be a telltale sign of a poorly balanced rod. 

The Virtual Spinning Rod, however, is impressively balanced especially given its affordable, common-man price point. I thought it may be a little butt-heavy at first before I put a reel on it but once I got everything rigged up, I’m quite impressed. 

People tend to get super crazy about finesse tackle because, of course, it’s important that you feel everything and pay attention to the details when you’re fishing in tough or clear-water conditions. While those $400 rods sure are nice, I don’t see a thing wrong with this rod at this particular price point.