In conclusion

snake bass fishing bait

Many of us have been burned by a super-realistic bait before, falling for a pretty paint job and a cool-looking design on the shelf only to find the bait doesn’t function well in the water. But there are dozens of realistic-looking baits out there that actually do work, these are just three that I’ve personally used and been impressed by.

The cool thing about baits like these is that they are fun to throw. They speak to what fishing with artificial lures is really all about: Trying to trick a bass into believing something is real that isn’t.

These three baits do a good job of that, both with super-realistic designs as well as actions and hardware that complete the job once the bait hits the water. So if you’re bored with the same ole, same ole out on the water, give one of these realistic lures a try and you may just spark that old excitement for fishing you’ve lost along the way.