In conclusion

head of bass fishing worm

The Netbait C-Mac is a great representation of what to look for when picking out a quality ribbon-tail worm. It has a nice and slow, lazy action to the tail. The soft plastic used offers a good compromise, not so soft as to be easily bit in two but not so hard as to impede the action. With 11 colors to choose from, there’s a little something for every water color imaginable.

With two super-long offerings in this worm of 11 and 15 inches, both variations of the C-Mac give you a big-profile bait to tempt lethargic summer bass into biting. Just remember, with a bait this big you’ll need a fairly large hook as well. And you’ll want to be sure to let the fish get the bait all the way, pausing at least three or four seconds between the initial bite and the hookset.

Other than that, Netbait makes it pretty easy with the C-Mac, just rig one up and chuck it out into the water, this one is sure to get you a bite!

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