In conclusion

feathered bass fishing treble hook

The main two things you want to watch out for when selecting the right trebles for a bait are the hooks hanging each other and the size of the hooks effecting the action of the bait. When trying to decide which bend to go with, ask yourself if you anticipate a lot of bass swiping at what you’re throwing or if you think the bass will be able to get the majority of the bait in their mouths. If it’s the former, go with round bends. For the latter, look to Triple Grips.

Wanting to dress up the tail-end of a bait? Try a feathered or bladed treble hook. Feel like the bass aren’t getting your bait well? Swapping your front treble out for a red one might help the bass key in on the bait better. And when selecting the size, it’s typically a good idea to go as big as possible. That limit being set again by whether or not the hooks will hang each other. If you use these simple guidelines, you should be able to pick out the perfect trebles for nearly any bait.