In conclusion

bass fishing worm in bass mouth

All three of these baits could be fished on a spinning reel or a baitcaster, depending on what the angler is most comfortable with. A spinning reel is likely the easiest to use but a baitcaster is a fine choice for a beginner if you tighten the brakes down (the little circular knob on the handle side of the reel). Then simply cast as far as possible and slowly start backing off the brake to gain more distance as the angler becomes more comfortable.

If you’re wanting to cover water, the lipless crankbait and spinnerbait are the two best choices, opting for the spinnerbait when fishing around cover. If you need to slow down to get bit, go with the worm, fishing it on a Texas rig when shallow around dense cover and on a shaky head if you’re out a little deeper and not around a bunch of thick cover. Using these three baits, an inexperienced angler should be able to gain experience quickly and start getting bit right away.