In conclusion


The free rig is one of the most versatile rigs I’ve ever used. From the variety of weights, hooks, line sizes and soft plastic that work with this rig to the fact that this it performs well on both a baitcaster and spinning rod, there really isn’t any angler out there who wouldn’t benefit from adding some version of the free rig to his or her arsenal.

As fishing pressure continues to increase and technology advances, it seems subtle shifts in presentation make a bigger difference by the trip. In the past, I could pull up on a brush pile in 13 feet of water and drop a drop shot on a fish sitting in the top of it, 5 feet below the trolling motor and catch it on the first drop. Now with forward-facing sonar and hundreds of thousands of new anglers hitting the water the last year or two, those days are long gone.

The free rig gives a subtle presentation to the avid angler who needs something a little different to set himself apart; it’s also a simple presentation to rig and fish that even a brand new angler can use to get bit. Definitely been a fun and productive rig to fish and one I’d recommend giving a shot.