In conclusion

topwater bass fishing lure

Freedom Tackle did a good job with the Mischief Minnow in coming up with something just a little bit different. I’ll admit at first glance, I thought the blade on the belly looked a little gimmicky but it only took one cast to raise my eyebrows a little. The clanking sound of the blade is unique to anything else I’ve personally fished with and gives a subtler alternative to the Whopper Plopper-style baits, while still being more aggressive than a simple walking-style bait or wakebait.

With a good set of hooks, two sizes to choose from and a bunch of color choices, the Mischief Minnow is a pretty cool bait in my opinion and one worth trying out if you’re a fan of topwater fishing and looking for something a little different. What I like most is that you can simply tie it on, cast it out and straight reel it in and the bait does all the work. Fished this way it has a great wobbling, waking action with an intermittent clanking sound and flash from the blade. This makes it an easy bait to fish that still offers up a lot of action.

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