In conclusion

bass fishing frog in largemouth bass mouth

I am impressed with this frog overall. It has a good hookup ratio right out of the box and walks really well. Those are two of the main characteristics I look for in a frog; action and efficiency in getting fish into the boat. It also casts and skips really well, too.

I also like the color schemes a lot. With a few super natural colors like their Gill pattern, they paid attention to the detail all the way down to the multi-color strands of premium rubber used for the legs. With a color selection to match almost anything that would be scampering along the surface, there’s lots to choose from here. And with the two size selections, you have 16 choices really to dial in the perfect frog for the day.
At $8.49, I’d call this a very above-average frog at an average price. It’s not the cheapest frog you’ll find on the market if you’re just looking for something to throw. But if you’re looking for an awesome frog at a reasonable price, I think that’s what you’ll find with the Savage Gear Hop Walker Frog.

The Savage Gear Hop Walker Frog is available at